"Reiki" word is the combination of two words as "Rei" and "Ki". These two words simply mean "universal spirit or soul" and "energy" respectively. This method can also be called a spiritual conscious state or supernatural knowledge. It is also called Sarv Gyan, by which the treatment of all problems goes to the root of them. Reiki is well-liked as holistic medicine. This is known as spiritually-based practice. Anxiety, anger, greed, excitement and tension cause movement in the body parts and nerves, causing many types of disorders in the blood arteries. Physical diseases are affected by mental diseases. Reiki helps to remove the cause of the disease from its root, increases the health level. Maaya is a master Reiki healer and having deep knowledge of this ancient medical science and healed thousands of people with her techniques. Yoga retreat in Rishikesh are generally one and two weeks long; you can also join for 7 to 14 days or also up to three or even four weeks. The retreat is a complete package to cleanse the body, mind and soul inserting a new energy and positive vibration in human. Generally people who have been into intense work and those who are in constant pressure join our yoga retreat to relax and rejuvenate. Therapy of mind, body and soul the yoga retreat follows a routine and physical mental exercises that allows one to concentrate on her/himself and love their personal self. This also helps create a balanced life for months and years ahead.